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bartender In the World is a  Sexiest Beauty contest for hot women in gone wild restaurant  nightclubs & bars
Hottest bartenders - World class beauties in bars, hot night life
sexiest bartender in china photo at bar
10 top talented bar tenders in America and  World competition
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hottest sexy women of bar tending in contest at nightclub in Hong Kong

Sexiest Bartender In The World is a beauty contest for hot women in nightclubs and  tending bar - We love them. Free videos and pictures of the contest. We have the hottest bartenders on the planet.

This database features the Sexiest and Hottest Bartenders In The World.
There is nothing better than having the perfect drink served by the perfect bartender.
This  must see event puts beautiful bartenders in head to head competition to win cash and prizes to see who is the Sexiest Bartender In the World.

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Sexiest Bartender in Houston had our top winner at the local contest. You will see the ladies serving your favorite drink of vodka, cocktail or Whisky at these great parties.

The top 10 bartenders in the world compete for money and prizes for the title Hottest Bartenders in the world in a local Houston bar. Wild bartender ladies dress to kill while dancing or singing on live TV. Everyone has fun in the Florida competition. Worlds top  Bikini model bartender serving drinks at night clubs and bars in Houston and Dallas Texas, FT Lauderdale Florida, LA California, NY city, Atlanta Ga. & Chicago. We have even been to other areas of the world to video the women tending bar, like the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macaw, and China.

Our TV camera crews will be there at the contest to capture the most fun in America . Great talent like at singers, dancers, comedians and mixologists will be part of the talent. Big party in Scottsdale Arizona at the hottest bartender contest said that the talent of the ladies was the best they had seen all year.

Philippines nightclub entertainment with hot bikini models had the finest dancers that the competition has seen. Austin Texas bars with wild TV entertainment had the singing. Hottest ladies serving um up all night - videos on DVD. Real hot party women (not girls) in bikinis contest at bars around the world. The worlds most beautiful bar tenders dance and sing on the bars in our cafe event for cash prizes. Austin college kids in restaurant and cafe club.

If you would like to enter the competition, click below at your closest state. Thank you for visiting Sexiest Bartenders in the World.